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Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs

Mark Blankenship and Sarah D. Bunting talk about songs. 

Jan 25, 2018

We're not miserable people, but we still love The Smiths. Go figure! Sarah tees up one tune each from the Smiths, Morrissey, and Johnny Marr, which leads to jaunty lyrical analysis, MANY disagreements about the band's best work, and a reminder that Mark's husband once mowed the lawn in all black, because his soul insisted he should.


Mark's husband (Andrew Byrne) also delivers our intro, and the outro comes from Teenage Fanclub. Share your Smiths musings via email (, Facebook (, or Twitter (@talksongs). And for bonus content, become a patron at

six and a half months ago

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almost seven months ago

Come one guys, less reminiscing about yourselves and more research. Johnny was not 'a session guy'. And he never played on any happy Mondays tracks, though he has played with talking heads, Kirsty maccoll, billy Bragg, Noel gallagher and the pet shop boys. He was in The The for about five years, from 88 to 93. Johnny and Bernard Sumner (Joy Division/New Order) formed the very successful Electronic from 89 to 98. The healers was a one-off album, but he has two fantastic solo albums, from 2014 and 15 - 'Playland' and 'the messenger' - if you don't know them, I'd recommend the tracks, 'new town velocity' and 'easy money'. He was in modest mouse from 2006 to 09 - you can hear johnny's guitar genius quite obviously on their hit, 'dashboard', he co-wrote that and the album. He was also in the cribs for a few years. He wrote the inception soundtrack with Hans zimmer (and batman). He's about to release his third solo album.