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Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs

Mark Blankenship and Sarah D. Bunting talk about songs. 

Jan 25, 2018

We're not miserable people, but we still love The Smiths. Go figure! Sarah tees up one tune each from the Smiths, Morrissey, and Johnny Marr, which leads to jaunty lyrical analysis, MANY disagreements about the band's best work, and a reminder that Mark's husband once mowed the lawn in all black, because his soul...

Jan 18, 2018

It's time for musical justice! Joined by the glorious Pam Ribon, we discuss three songs that should be famous, but somehow aren't. Come for Beyonce, Annie Lennox, and Bic Runga, but stay for Billy Joel stripteases, unusual uses for cream soda, and the cockney rage of Teddy Ruxpin III. 


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Jan 11, 2018

We kick off 2018 with a truly magical episode, in the sense that "Magic" by the Cars is a fantastic song. Joined by special guest Kevin Smokler, we discuss making rock look easy, polishing your production juuuust enough, and getting over yourself to enjoy a bouncy hook. Plus, we explore the many ways to pronounce...